Erin Marlow
creator & host of
It’s a Fandom Thing

Erin Marlow’s love for all things pop culture started when she was a child. She would spend hours listening to records and making up videos to go along with the songs she was listening to. Ask her some day to tell you the story of the video she made up to George Thouroughgood’s song Bad to the Bone. Erin also had a love for radio and would record herself playing “DJ” for hours on end. Erin fell in love with film when she saw Back to the Future and she hasn’t looked back since. 

She also spent her time as a kid making up plays for the neighborhood and writing her own little stories, including one about a couch that eats people. Yes, horror has always been her favorite. Erin was also a voracious reader, setting aside an hour each morning before school to read. She was a hip and happening kid. Erin used to be involved in theater and her favorite performance was as Dancer in the very twisted play Eight Reindeer Monologues (this is not a children’s play). Erin is also an award-winning screenwriter. Her short script, Baby Blue, took home the award for best short screenplay at the 2020 Women in Horror Film Festival in Atlanta. 

Erin had been dreaming of starting a podcast for years and went through several ideas before landing on It’s a Fandom Thing. Erin’s goal in creating this podcast was to create a safe space where women, and female identifying individuals, could find a safe place to freely express their love, and critiques, of the pop culture and fandoms they love. Since starting the podcast in 2019, Erin’s goals have extended beyond just her initial ones. She now hopes that It’s a Fandom Thing can be a safe space for all of those who feel like outsiders in the fandom and pop culture world. She hopes it can serve as a safe space for those who feel like they have no outlet to express their love for film, TV, music, books, and fanfiction. She also hopes the podcast can serve as a welcoming platform for creators to come and discuss their creative process and journey in life. 

Erin hopes that you as a listener will come to feel that same welcome while you listen. She hopes you are able to learn something or see things from a different perspective. But above all else, she hopes her podcast can bring a few hours of joy into your life. Thank you again for listening!