Twitter In this special episode, we talk about everything going on with Twitter! The hosts of Bed, Wed, or Behead podcast, Meg and Carla, along with Tanya and Tiff, join Erin to discuss their favorite memories from Twitter, why Twitter has been so important to social movements, fandom connections, what the potential loss of Twitter … Continue reading Twitter

Brendan Fraser We are wrapping up the week with a look at the career of the fantastic Brendan Fraser! The hosts of Bed, Wed, or Behead podcast, Meg and Carla, join Erin to discuss what movie first turned them into a fan of Fraser, their favorite film roles, discuss what makes him such a great actor … Continue reading Brendan Fraser

VH-1 We kick off the week with a nostalgic look at the programs of VH-1! Carla from Bed, Wed, or Behead joins Erin to discuss why they preferred the videos on VH-1, they mourn the loss of Pop Up Video, talk about their favorite Behind the Music episodes, gush over Michael Ian Black and his … Continue reading VH-1

90’s Music We continue our nineties week with a look at some of the music that defined the decade! Carla, from Bed, Wed, or Behead Podcast, and Tiffany join Erin again to discuss some of their favorite artists from the decade. They talk about everything from Grunge to Rap to Teen Pop to Alternative and Nu … Continue reading 90’s Music

90’s Movies Join us as we take a journey through some of our favorite movies from the nineties! Carla, from Bed, Wed, or Behead podcast, and Tiffany, join Erin to discuss some of their favorite, comedies, romcoms, dramas, fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and action films! Did your favorite make the list? Tune in to find out! Play … Continue reading 90’s Movies

Tanya Cook Interview In this special interview episode, writer and frequent panelist, Tanya Cook, joins Erin to discuss their book, co-written by Kaela Joseph, Fandom Acts of Kindness! Tanya discusses why they wanted to write this book, what it was like writing with a writing partner, what they hope the reader takes away from the book, what … Continue reading Tanya Cook Interview

Sarah Lind Interview In this special episode, Erin sits down with actress Sarah Lind to discuss her latest film, A Wounded Fawn! Sarah talks with Erin about what drew her to the project, what she learned about herself while making the film, what it was like working with Josh Ruben, the different ways the film approaches its … Continue reading Sarah Lind Interview

Cosplay Universe Interview In this special interview episode, Erin sits down with the directors Jonathan McHugh and Jordan Rennert to discuss their documentary, Cosplay Universe! They discuss what intrigued them about cosplay, what they learned from the project, why finding your place and voice through cosplay can be so impactful, and more! Make sure to check out … Continue reading Cosplay Universe Interview

What Erin’s Into (and Meg!) We round out Erin's Birthday Month Celebration with some pop culture recommendations! Meg, from the Bed, Wed, or Behead podcast, joins Erin to give you all the podcast, television, film, music, and play recommendations you can handle! Plus, we discuss what character and celebrity we want to have dinner with, share our theories on … Continue reading What Erin’s Into (and Meg!)

Val Kilmer Erin's Birthday Celebration continues with a look at the career of the very unique and talented, Val Kilmer! Paula joins Erin to discuss what first made them fans of Kilmer, discuss what some of their favorite roles are, take a deep dive into his documentary, Val, and look at what it is that makes … Continue reading Val Kilmer