The Comedy and Drama Of It All In this very light episode, we discuss some of our favorite comedic actors in dramatic roles and vice versa. Carla Temis and Meg Griffin join Erin for this fun and very lighthearted discussion where we go on just a few goofy challenges and Erin names about three or one hundred of her favorite actors. … Continue reading The Comedy and Drama Of It All

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air We round out our celebration of Black History Month with a look at the show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Judy Alsip and Megan Archuleta join Erin to discuss their favorite episodes, the character of Will, Will Smith's performance, the Banks family, the problematic elements, and much more!Be sure to support us on Patreon: reading The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

BoJack Horseman In this episode, we discuss the Netflix show BoJack Horseman. E'Shel from the podcast Liberty Diner Dish and Tanya Cook join Erin to discuss how the show addresses celebrity, addiction, gender dynamics, the Me Too movement, sexuality, and much more! Please listen to the trigger warnings.Be sure to check out E'Shel's podcast, Liberty Diner … Continue reading BoJack Horseman

Superstore Join us for a fun discussion about the television show Superstore. Bex and Carla Temis join Erin to discuss our favorite characters, episodes, the finale, why retail workers deserve so much more respect and talk about our own personal retail stories.For the full and unedited version, go to our YouTube page.Check out Carla's photography at … Continue reading Superstore

Scare Me In honor of the release of Josh Ruben's latest movie, Werewolves Within, we delve deep into his film from last year, Scare Me! Carla Temis and Erin Amos join Erin Marlow to discuss the characters, their favorite stories, the ending, and what the movie is saying about the fragile white male ego. We also … Continue reading Scare Me

Schitt’s Creek Revisited We continue our Pride Month celebration by visiting Schitt's Creek again. Carla Temis, Joyce McCall, Meg Griffin, and Sara Barnaik join Erin to discuss how the show handles sexuality and the lasting impact. You also get an appearance from someone who hasn't been on the show for quite some time now.Be sure to vote … Continue reading Schitt’s Creek Revisited

Bridesmaids In this episode, Carla Temis join Erin to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the film, Bridesmaids!For the unedited version, be sure to head on over to our YouTube page and check out the live stream: sure to vote for us for your favorite film/TV podcast here: can find Carla's photography at: can follow us … Continue reading Bridesmaids

Chuck In this episode, Erin Amos joins Erin Marlow to talk about Erin A.'s favorite television show, Chuck! She discusses some of her favorite episodes, her love for Zachary Levi, the characters, the ending, and more!Also, a big congratulations to Erin Amos. She has been selected for a new art exhibit through Ink Lounge! It … Continue reading Chuck

The One Where We Talk About Friends In this episode, Carla Temis and Susi Segura join Erin to discuss Friends! We talk about some of our favorite moments, episodes, the characters, some of the issues with the show, and debate Ross Gellar.You can revisit the Livestream for this episode on our YouTube channel at: some merch at: can find Carla's photography at: … Continue reading The One Where We Talk About Friends

Psych In this episode, Carla Temis, Marty and Meg Griffin, and Tiffany Smith join Erin to discuss the television show, Psych! They talk about their favorite episodes, the characters and their relationships, and the series finale. Make sure to listen to the very end for a special outtake!Be sure to check out Tiffany's writing for The … Continue reading Psych