Best of 2021: Part One Give a listen as we countdown our favorites from 2021! Carla Temis, Erin Amos, and Meg Griffin join Erin for part one of our Best of 2021 episode. They share some of their favorite movies, television shows, music, and more! For the full unedited version, head on over to your YouTube page! sure to … Continue reading Best of 2021: Part One

Eighties Music Take a trip down memory lane as we talk about some of our favorite music from the eighties! Carla Temis, Jill Richards, and Sara Barnaik join Erin to talk about how MTV changed the way we consumed music and give some of our favorites from different genres. Give a listen to see if your … Continue reading Eighties Music

Eighties Movies Travel back in time with us as we discuss some of our favorite eighties movies! Carla Temis, Judy Alsip, and Sasha San Andres join Erin to talk about some of their favorite comedies, dramas, fantasy, sci-fi, and horror films from the decade that brought us a ton of radical films.Be sure to support us … Continue reading Eighties Movies

One-Hit Wonders: Television Shows In this episode, we talk about those shows we loved that deserved more than one season. Carla Temis, Erin Amos, Rebecca Salois, and Tiffany Smith join Erin to talk about the shows that were gone too soon and what they would have wanted to see happen if they had been allowed to continue.Be sure … Continue reading One-Hit Wonders: Television Shows

What We Are Into For November In this episode, we discuss what pop culture items we are into right now. Angela Teo, Erin Amos, and Meg Griffin join Erin to give their music, podcast, books, television, and movie recommendations. We also have a special review segment for the new film A Mouthful of Air. To see the full and unedited version … Continue reading What We Are Into For November

Conventions We kick off the weekend with a fun discussion about going to conventions. Jill Richard, Paula Strickland, Tanya Cook, and Lauren Tokarewich join Erin to discuss their favorite convention experiences, dream convention guests, going to cons in the age of Covid, and much more!Be sure to support us on Patreon: can follow us on … Continue reading Conventions

Neil Fraser Interview In this special interview episode, Erin sits down with poster artist Neil Fraser. They talk about how he got into poster art, some of his favorite posters, how he approaches the use of color, what he comes to an impasse creatively, and much more!Make sure to check out some of Neil's work at: https://neil-fraser-graphics.myshopify.comBe sure … Continue reading Neil Fraser Interview

Colorado Festival of Horror: Part Two In part two of our coverage of the first annual Colorado Festival of Horror, Erin sits down with legendary Scream Queen Brinke Stevens and concept artist Xander Smith. Brinke discusses her career, what has changed in the industry, and much more. For the second interview, Xander discusses a memorable character from American Horror Story … Continue reading Colorado Festival of Horror: Part Two

Colorado Festival of Horror: Part One We kick off our eight-week horror celebration with part one of our Colorado Festival of Horror coverage. Erin attended the inaugural Colorado Festival Horror event this past weekend. During that time she was able to interview five incredible artists. In part one, Erin sits down with Brian Bonsall, Laurene Landon, and Jimmy Lee Combs … Continue reading Colorado Festival of Horror: Part One

What We’re Into This Week In this episode, Carla Temis and Paula Strickland join Erin to discuss what they are listening to, reading, and watching right now. You will find everything from the dark and twisted to family-friendly entertainment. So grab a pen and get ready to write down those recommendations!Be sure to check out Carla's photography at the … Continue reading What We’re Into This Week