Euphoria In this episode, we discuss the first two seasons of the HBO show, Euphoria. Angela and Megan join Erin to discuss their overall thoughts on the show, the characters, Zendaya's performance, how the show handles teens and sexuality, what they want from season 3, and much more! Please pay attention to the TW for … Continue reading Euphoria

Sex Education In this episode, we take a deep dive into the Netflix series, Sex Education! Bex from Big Reputations Pod and E'Shel from Liberty Diner Dish, join Erin to discuss how the show handles the subject of sex and teenagers, the amazing representation, their favorite characters, favorite relationships, both friendship and romantic, geek out over … Continue reading Sex Education

Grimm Join us as we take a deep dive into the television show, Grimm! Meg, from Bed, Wed, or Behead Podcast, along with Erin A., joins Erin M. to talk about the show Grimm. They discuss their favorite characters, episodes, and thoughts on the finale, and go on some fun tangents! Play the audience version … Continue reading Grimm

The Sinner In this episode, Carla from Bed, Wed, or Behead Podcast, along with Sasha, joins Erin to discuss the first three seasons of The Sinner. They talk about how the themes throughout the seasons connect to Harry, the amazing performances, discuss how much trauma is too much trauma, delve into the missed opportunities in season … Continue reading The Sinner

White Collar Erin's wonderful Podcast Brain Twin, Jenn, from the podcast My Streaming Bubble, joins your host to take a deep dive into the USA show, White Collar! They talk about the USA aesthetic, the chemistry between Neal and Peter, the treatment of women in the show, the finale, rave about Matt Bomer, and play a … Continue reading White Collar

Special Episode: The Boys – Season 3 On this special episode, we delve deep into season 3 of The Boys! Jenn from My Streaming Bubble and Paula join Erin to discuss their favorite season three storylines, characters, the addition of Jensen Ackles, their thoughts on the finale, and talk about certain deep water creatures. Warning: we spoil the whole season! Play … Continue reading Special Episode: The Boys – Season 3

Wynonna Earp Listen in as we discuss all things Wynona Earp! Erin A., Judy, and Tanya join Erin Marlow to discuss their thoughts on the show and the characters, discuss their favorite ships, how the show handles representation, and why a female character like Wynona is so important and give their thoughts on the finale. Also, … Continue reading Wynonna Earp

Unauthorized Biopics In this episode, we delve into some biographical films and television shows that the subjects did not approve of. Carla from Bed, Wed, or Behead, along with Erin A., joins Erin to discuss why certain public figures, and their family members, did not approve of the biopics made about them. We also discuss the true … Continue reading Unauthorized Biopics

The L Word: Generation Q We continue our Pride Month celebration with a discussion about The L Word: Generation Q! Erin A. joins your Erin M. to discuss how the show mixes some of the original cast with some new characters, how the show handles representation, the storylines, and what we want to see in season three. Spoilers for … Continue reading The L Word: Generation Q

Queer as Folk: Brian We wrap up our Queer as Folk character deep dives with a look at Brian Kinney! E'Shel from Liberty Diner Dish and Danelle join Erin again to discuss Brian Kinney's journey throughout the show. They discuss his relationship with Justin, his cancer diagnosis, talk about whether or not he is a narcissist, rave about … Continue reading Queer as Folk: Brian