Guilty Pleasures On this week's show, Carla Temis, Erin Amos, Meg Griffin, and Tiffany Smith join Erin to discuss our guilty pleasures. We discuss books, music, film, and television programs that we love, despite others saying they aren't worthy of that love. We also discuss why we really should not feel guilty about these pleasures.Be sure … Continue reading Guilty Pleasures

Bonus Episode: More Recommendations We are back with another bonus episode! Regina Carpenter and Erin Marlow are here to give you some book, music, TV, and a couple of film recommendations to get you through this time. We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.You can follow us on Facebook: @fandomthingpodInstagram: 

Bonus Episode: Streaming Recommendations It's time for our very first bonus episode! Carla Temis and Erin Marlow are here to give you some film and TV recommendations that they hope can provide a welcome distraction during this difficult time.Be sure to check out Carla Temis' website: can follow us on Facebook: @fandomthingpodInstagram: