Pop Culture & Fandom News, Jan. 15, 2023

For this week’s Pop Culture and Fandom News episode, Erin is joined by Carla from Bed, Wed, or Behead, Erin A., and Jenn from My Streaming Bubble! They join Erin to discuss what they are currently into, fandom and pop culture news that has them excited and discuss why it seems that Hollywood may not be taking Covid as seriously anymore.

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Articles referenced in the episode: https://www.nbcboston.com/news/local/man-died-from-covid-19-after-protocols-ignored-on-film-set-in-mass-familys-lawsuit-claims/2937637/ and https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/jenna-ortega-reveal-filming-covid-wednesday-1234643094/.

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