Tanya Cook Interview

https://open.spotify.com/episode/7oehEKmWmkFXf48RnfSNlC?si=E6S3EX7FRvuD8_z4R3LwNA In this special interview episode, writer and frequent panelist, Tanya Cook, joins Erin to discuss their book, co-written by Kaela Joseph, Fandom Acts of Kindness! Tanya discusses why they wanted to write this book, what it was like writing with a writing partner, what they hope the reader takes away from the book, what … Continue reading Tanya Cook Interview

Sarah Lind Interview

https://open.spotify.com/episode/1tr43kZZDHf2Uxo7GE2fmQ?si=yFPXdIpxTyCu-TcR1O-g-Q In this special episode, Erin sits down with actress Sarah Lind to discuss her latest film, A Wounded Fawn! Sarah talks with Erin about what drew her to the project, what she learned about herself while making the film, what it was like working with Josh Ruben, the different ways the film approaches its … Continue reading Sarah Lind Interview

Cosplay Universe Interview

https://open.spotify.com/episode/6huBXN2iHNt27CScUPrgcz?si=zvVamijtQd2lg9cO67_pOw In this special interview episode, Erin sits down with the directors Jonathan McHugh and Jordan Rennert to discuss their documentary, Cosplay Universe! They discuss what intrigued them about cosplay, what they learned from the project, why finding your place and voice through cosplay can be so impactful, and more! Make sure to check out … Continue reading Cosplay Universe Interview

Adam Santelli Interview

https://open.spotify.com/episode/3Oi3QzuJEXHSL93VjS7nPo?si=S2Gu3vwDTGiv6jdJN354rA In this special interview episode, Erin talks with Cinematographer Adam Santelli to discuss his work on 13:The Musical! They discuss the joys of working with young actors, using lighting and the camera to enhance a musical number, working on location, his work on Descendants 3, the importance of the relationship between the DP and … Continue reading Adam Santelli Interview

Victor Acquista Interview

https://open.spotify.com/episode/7JMoZ92aOJsSu3GR0X8Cs3?si=DPusUlXbTRqWPpPt5p8xew For this special interview episode, Erin sits down to talk with author Victor Acquista to talk about his latest novel, Revelation, part two of his The Saga of Venom and Flame duology.. They dive deep into the novel's various themes, including the importance of having strong and wise female characters, the inclusion of genetic … Continue reading Victor Acquista Interview

Zach Barack Interview

https://open.spotify.com/episode/4TZvmTAQeBstGWbHGVCzH8?si=FY6hjyrCRs6SezbqA-biaQ In this special interview episode, Erin sits down with trans actor, singer, writer, and comedian Zach Barack. Erin talks with Zach about his role as Barney in the new animated horror comedy adventure series Dead End: Paranormal Park, the challenges and rewards of working in animation, what his character's journey has taught him, how … Continue reading Zach Barack Interview

Special SDCC 2022 Coverage

https://open.spotify.com/episode/0hBBKb8fAwpvwu0HZgLBey?si=auhoFoFMTreIQUzFia-bJA In this special episode, we bring you a handful of interviews from this year's San Diego Comic-Con! Included in this special episode, are interviews with some of the cast of Paper Girls; comic creator Kayden Phoenix; director of The Grave of St. Oran, Jim Batt; authors Adam Christopher (Star Wars: Shadow of the Sith), … Continue reading Special SDCC 2022 Coverage

Andrew Dean Interview

https://open.spotify.com/episode/6x8Eh6Etn43HJ64ddIo1YS?si=L-uhT242TGe9Y2zZA0fr_A In this special episode, Erin talks to writer and filmmaker Andrew Dean about his debut thriller novel, Surfacing. Andrew discusses the research that went into the novel, the characters in the novel, the difference between writing a screenplay and writing a novel, the elements of writing a successful thriller, and more! Be sure to … Continue reading Andrew Dean Interview

Tony Roth Interview

https://open.spotify.com/episode/3YsbbqhV3aYOVcJat54YHJ?si=8XmgMLOkRTW2rbUamD951g In this special interview episode, Erin sits down with author Tony Roth to discuss his debut novel, Trigger Point. Trigger Point is the first novel in the Nicholas Ford series. It follows midwestern farm boy Nicholas Ford who is deep undercover with the CIA under the alias "Sean Smith." It's 1986 and he's up … Continue reading Tony Roth Interview

Jodé Millman Interview

https://open.spotify.com/episode/7zlzIi9UMz7Up7XjFeSxq2?si=GxsPL_8fQOqTyyPm4vJcLQ In this special episode, Erin sits down with award-winning thriller writer Jodé Millman to discuss her latest Queen City Crime Series novel, Hooker Avenue. Jodé discusses the true crime that inspired the novel, what she learned while writing it, the importance of writing strong female characters, offers some advice for writers, and much more! … Continue reading Jodé Millman Interview