Our Favorite LGBTQIA+ Characters

https://open.spotify.com/episode/2fZHuISpcY32gbMdI0V825 We continue our celebration of Pride Month, with a discussion about some of our favorite LGBTQIA+ characters. Carla Temis and Meg Griffin join Erin to talk about everything from television to film to fanfic. It's a fun conversation with a few tangents thrown in.If you would like to hear the unedited live conversation, follow … Continue reading Our Favorite LGBTQIA+ Characters

Schitt’s Creek Revisited

https://open.spotify.com/episode/4JGXG15WpxxouWtD3a4PRs We continue our Pride Month celebration by visiting Schitt's Creek again. Carla Temis, Joyce McCall, Meg Griffin, and Sara Barnaik join Erin to discuss how the show handles sexuality and the lasting impact. You also get an appearance from someone who hasn't been on the show for quite some time now.Be sure to vote … Continue reading Schitt’s Creek Revisited

Queer As Folk Revisited

https://open.spotify.com/episode/1w7apiVeOL9GYgtkJ8GjHr We continue our celebration of Pride Month by revisiting Queer as Folk! Carla Temis, Danelle Beauvais, along with E'Shel and Ken from Liberty Diner Dish Podcast, join Erin for this fun and thoughtful discussion. We delve into various storylines and characters from the show including the way they handle HIV and AIDS, the prom … Continue reading Queer As Folk Revisited

Fanfic Discussion: Ninety One Whiskey

https://open.spotify.com/episode/151QaYbFqPl6Y3znudgXgZ We are continuing our celebration of pride with a discussion about the Destiel Fanfic, Ninety One Whiskey. Carla Temis, Judy Alsip, Meg Griffin, and Tanya Cook join Erin to talk about the AU setting, the characterization, the ending, and the importance of fanfic.If you would like to see the unedited version, head on over … Continue reading Fanfic Discussion: Ninety One Whiskey

Orange Is The New Black

https://open.spotify.com/episode/06HfRuhHLAangoCbEKH1vb We continue our celebration of Pride Month with a discussion about the show Orange Is the New Black. Erin Amos and Judy Alsip joined Erin to discuss some of their favorite storylines, what the show gets right and wrong about representation, the handling of mental illness, and the finale.Be sure to vote for us … Continue reading Orange Is The New Black

George Michael

https://open.spotify.com/episode/0A7fG6KY4Kew2nL4qzIh58?si=RuMowcoTR2WHoLjINhOJHA We continue our celebration of Pride Month with a discussion about George Michael. Carla Temis from Bed, Wed, Behead, and Jesse from Sudden but Inevitable, joined me for this wonderful discussion about the lasting impact of George Michael's music. I have faith that you will love this episode and want to immediately pop in … Continue reading George Michael

Brokeback Mountain

https://open.spotify.com/episode/08SvKTI4tl9REugJGwddN0?si=aFrgHauRRs6CWNeJClG46g We continue our celebration of our Pride Month with a discussion about the film, Brokeback Mountain. Danelle Beauvais and E'Shel from Liberty Diner Dish Podcast join Erin to discuss the characters, the cultural impact, and Heath Ledger's legacy.Trigger Warning: Mentions of homophobia and hate crimes.Be sure to check out E'Shel's podcast, Liberty Diner Dish, … Continue reading Brokeback Mountain


https://open.spotify.com/episode/6ns4YpntjryRw9aqEhzDtL?si=w9-1wpSpRQGdA6jF9qny_A We kick off Pride Month with a discussion about the film, Moonlight. Carla Temis joins Erin for this great discussion. We talk about the different chapters, the importance of representation, The significance of the Oscar win, and go on some fun tangents. It's a heavy one, but important.Trigger Warnings: Mentions of homophobia, child abuse/neglect, … Continue reading Moonlight

Roman Chiminenti & Tyler Jensen Interview

https://open.spotify.com/episode/0aFHR60NVMJ9WKCOsL77CS?si=Tn6TiM72T4qiEbkEg7sDHA In this special episode, Erin sits down with the directors of Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street; Roman Chimienti and Tyler Jensen. They touch on the path to forgiveness, homophobia in Hollywood, finding your place in horror, the importance of seeing yourself on screen, and much more!You can follow us on Facebook: facebook.com/itsafandomthingpodTwitter: @fandomthingpodInstagram: @itsafandomthingpodCover art by … Continue reading Roman Chiminenti & Tyler Jensen Interview

Representation in Horror

https://open.spotify.com/episode/5bNsyzi55Va7JYDuH7n19B?si=A5pHeinxS7SFrBxlczAjrg For the third part of our eight-part horror celebration, Rebecca Jacobson joins me to discuss representation in horror. We discuss women in horror; racism in horror; LGBTQ+ representation, and ableism in horror. We discuss the troubling portrayals in the past and present and discuss what needs to happen to improve the future of representation … Continue reading Representation in Horror