Deadwood In this episode, we take a look at the HBO show, Deadwood. Tanya joins Erin to discuss how the show handles the time period, racism, capitalism, sex workers, and women. They also discuss the show overall, the characters and performances, and their thoughts on the series finale. TW: Lots of swearing, mentions of sexual … Continue reading Deadwood

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Our comedy month keeps on going with a discussion about It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia! Lauren and Rachel, the hosts of Sort of Brilliant Podcast, along with Judy, join Erin to discuss their favorite episodes, the characters, how the show handled Mac coming out, and more! And we play a very interesting round of … Continue reading It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

New Girl We continue our comedy month celebration with a look at New Girl! Meg Griffin from Bed, Wed, Behead Podcast, Susie Segura, and Tiffany Smith join Erin to discuss the characters, their favorite guest spots, the joy of having healthy male friendships on screen, and play the easiest round of Six Degrees of Finn Wittrock! … Continue reading New Girl

Ted Lasso We kick off our comedy month celebration with a look at Ted Lasso. Judy Alsip, Rebecca Salois, from Big Reputations Pod, and Susi Segura join Erin to discuss the characters, some of their favorite episodes, ships, the handling of mental health, and representation. We also kick off a new weekly segment, "Six Degrees of … Continue reading Ted Lasso

9-1-1 We wrap up our Ryan Murphy discussion with a look at 9-1-1. Carla Temis and Meg Griffin, from Bed, Wed, or Behead podcast, along with Susi Segura, join Erin to discuss their favorite episodes, characters, talk about the copeganda in the show, discuss how the show queerbaits, and other issues with representation. TW: Queerbaiting, … Continue reading 9-1-1

Ratched We kick off Ryan Murphy revisited with a deep dive into Ratched! Erin's Finn Crew, Crissy Jackson, Jenn Owens from My Streaming Bubble, and Susi Segura join your host to discuss the characters, the treatment of mental illness, what they want to see in a second season and spend just a little bit of … Continue reading Ratched

10 Things I Hate About You We kick off our three-part romantic comedy celebration with a discussion about the 1999 film 10 Things I Hate About You! Meg Griffin, Paula Strickland, and Susi Segura join Erin to discuss their feelings on Shakespeare and updated adaptations, the relationship between Kat and Bianca, the love story between Kat and Patrick, some problematic … Continue reading 10 Things I Hate About You

The Comedy and Drama Of It All In this very light episode, we discuss some of our favorite comedic actors in dramatic roles and vice versa. Carla Temis and Meg Griffin join Erin for this fun and very lighthearted discussion where we go on just a few goofy challenges and Erin names about three or one hundred of her favorite actors. … Continue reading The Comedy and Drama Of It All

Special 200th Episode Celebration! Listen as we celebrate our 200th episode! Carla Temis, Meg Griffin, and Paula Strickland join Erin to discuss their favorite episodes, upcoming episodes they are looking forward to, and much more! For the full unedited version, head on over to our YouTube channel: Thank you so much for listening and supporting our show!Be sure … Continue reading Special 200th Episode Celebration!

The Machinist We continue our Christian Bale celebration with a look at the film The Machinist. Carla Temis joins Erin to discuss Bale's weight loss, what the film is really about, the performances and characters, the big twist, and we are joined by a very special guest. For the unedited live version, head on over to … Continue reading The Machinist