Misogyny in Fandom

https://open.spotify.com/episode/3ELbj5QkMaUfPihzhUt8hQ?si=bLuDg48iS4yqAEQSRPx7HA We kick off our topic month with a look at how misogyny manifests itself in fandom spaces. The hosts of Bed, Wed, or Behead Pod, Carla and Meg, along with Tiff, join Erin to discuss how misogyny has impacted their experiences in fandom, the online community, conventions, and much more! TW: Mentions of sexual … Continue reading Misogyny in Fandom

Depictions of Mental Illness in Film

https://open.spotify.com/episode/1xUgMV4FRbgoUCcq1hfTYU?si=MIMrqIhjRc6b6RGgMVWI1w In this episode, Pasha Ripley, Sara Barnaik, and Sasha San Andres join Erin to discuss depictions of mental illness in film. We delve into harmful tropes, some positive portrayals, our own personal mental health journeys, and more.Please note: This is an intensely personal and deep conversation. It could be extremely triggering for some since … Continue reading Depictions of Mental Illness in Film