Midian Crosby Interview

For this special interview episode, Erin sits down with special effects artist Midian Crosby.
“Monster” Midian Crosby has been creating killer makeups for 20 years now. She has her own company with her husband Josh, called Monster Midian FX. She has worked on over 70 productions. She has also worked on commercials, music videos, and live events. You have seen some of her work in The Haunting of Hill House, The Walking Dead, Cop Car, Eat, and much more.
Erin spoke to Midian about what drew her to the industry, what it is like being a woman in the industry, how Covid has affected things, her passion for cooking, what is going on right now with IATSE, and much more.
You can find some of her work at: https://www.monstermakeupfx.com/ and be sure to follow her on all social media platforms.
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Cover art by Carla Temis