The Lost Boys We continue our horror celebration with a look at the 1987 classic, The Lost Boys! Carla from Bed, Wed, or Behead, along with Sasha and Susi, join Erin to discuss special memories of seeing the film, the family dynamics, the vampire lore, the homoerotic subtext, the music, and more! Play the audience version of … Continue reading The Lost Boys

Sex and the Vampire We continue our horror celebration with a discussion about sex and how it fits into vampire lore. Carla, Sasha, and Susi join Erin to discuss why sex is such an essential part of vampire mythology, how vampire films have depicted LGBTQIA+, how women are treated in the lore and decide which vampire they want … Continue reading Sex and the Vampire

Guillermo del Toro We continue our horror celebration with a look at the work of Guillermo del Toro! Bex from Big Reputations Podcast joins me to discuss his work throughout the decades, some running themes, the importance of exploring who the true monsters are in his horror films, and much more. TW: Discussions of child abuse and … Continue reading Guillermo del Toro

Asian Horror We kick off our horror month celebration with a look at Asian horror films. Angela joins Erin to discuss some of their favorites, why watching revenge horror can be catharsis, the beauty in the way some Asian horror films handle trauma, and much more! Trigger warning for sexual assault, suicide, horror-related violence, and grooming … Continue reading Asian Horror

Ghostbusters Join us as we take a look at the 1984 classic, Ghostbusters! Rebecca joins Erin to discuss how this film shaped their childhood and why all the characters work so seamlessly together. Rebecca gives us her theory on why this is the perfect movie for the conservative movement of the eighties. Play the audience … Continue reading Ghostbusters

Back to the Future Travel back in time with us as we discuss the 1985 classic, Back to the Future! Erin and her guests Carla and Meg from Bed, Wed, or Behead, are hoping in the DeLorean to discuss one of their childhood favorites. Listen to them discuss the amazing Michael J. Fox, Doc Brown, the little ick … Continue reading Back to the Future

Deadwood In this episode, we take a look at the HBO show, Deadwood. Tanya joins Erin to discuss how the show handles the time period, racism, capitalism, sex workers, and women. They also discuss the show overall, the characters and performances, and their thoughts on the series finale. TW: Lots of swearing, mentions of sexual … Continue reading Deadwood