Ghostbusters Join us as we take a look at the 1984 classic, Ghostbusters! Rebecca joins Erin to discuss how this film shaped their childhood and why all the characters work so seamlessly together. Rebecca gives us her theory on why this is the perfect movie for the conservative movement of the eighties. Play the audience … Continue reading Ghostbusters

Back to the Future Travel back in time with us as we discuss the 1985 classic, Back to the Future! Erin and her guests Carla and Meg from Bed, Wed, or Behead, are hoping in the DeLorean to discuss one of their childhood favorites. Listen to them discuss the amazing Michael J. Fox, Doc Brown, the little ick … Continue reading Back to the Future

Special Episode: The Boys – Season 3 On this special episode, we delve deep into season 3 of The Boys! Jenn from My Streaming Bubble and Paula join Erin to discuss their favorite season three storylines, characters, the addition of Jensen Ackles, their thoughts on the finale, and talk about certain deep water creatures. Warning: we spoil the whole season! Play … Continue reading Special Episode: The Boys – Season 3

Wynonna Earp Listen in as we discuss all things Wynona Earp! Erin A., Judy, and Tanya join Erin Marlow to discuss their thoughts on the show and the characters, discuss their favorite ships, how the show handles representation, and why a female character like Wynona is so important and give their thoughts on the finale. Also, … Continue reading Wynonna Earp

Willow We wrap up our four-part fantasy film discussion with a look at Willow! Sasha joins Erin to discuss if their thoughts on the film have changed, the characters, they rave about Val Kilmer, and much more! It's a fun one! Play July's "Six Degrees of Finn Wittrock" for a chance to win some merch: … Continue reading Willow

Labyrinth We continue our discussion of fantasy films from the eighties with a look at Labyrinth! Sasha and Susi join Erin to discuss why they love the film so much, the amazing David Bowie, the music, and if they would choose to save their brother or stay with Jareth. Play July's "Six Degrees of Finn … Continue reading Labyrinth

Legend We are kicking off our four-part journey into the world of fantasy films with a look at the 1985 film, Legend! Megan and Sasha join Erin to discuss their thoughts on the film, Tom Cruise, the treatment of the female character, the importance of Unicorns in the eighties and gush over Tim Curry and … Continue reading Legend

The Witcher In this episode, MJ Ostaff, Megan Archuleta, Sasha San Andres, and Tanya Cook join Erin to discuss the first season of the television show, The Witcher. They discuss their favorite characters, how women are represented in the show and their hopes for season two.You can follow us on Facebook: @fandomthingpodInstagram: @itsafandomthingpodCover art by Carla Temis and … Continue reading The Witcher

The Expanse In this episode, first-time panellists Elizabeth and Paul, join Tanya Cook, Tiffany Smith, and Erin to discuss the show, The Expanse. We delve into favorite episodes, characters, the mix of science fiction and noir, and how the show handled accusations against one of the stars.Tiffany's writing for The Game of Nerds at: can follow us … Continue reading The Expanse

Doctor Who In this episode, Erin Amos, Marty Griffin, Meg Griffin, and Susi Segura join Erin to discuss Doctor Who. The panel discusses Doctors 9 - 13, the Companions, favorite episodes, and more!You can follow us on Facebook: @fandomthingpodInstagram: @itsafandomthingpodCover art by Carla Temis and Logo by Brooke Belli